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Should I buy a really old truck (and parts truck)?

So, on the off chance anyone’s feeling helpful, a little background. My wife has a baking business that we’re trying to get off the ground. So far we’ve been reliant on other businesses from which to rent space. She’s on the hunt for a food truck, and came across this.

She has no wrenching experience but isn’t afraid of working on the house. I’ve done some minimal work on motorcycles and scooters, both newer than the trucks listed below. I imagine being former postal trucks means parts will be plentiful, and mechanically it’ll be pretty simple.


Am I likely wrong? Any pitfalls to these trucks you’re aware of? We’d have to take quite a drive to see it in person, and we don’t currently have the means to tow the parts truck back, so much to consider. Any thoughts and advice are appreciated.

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